Latte Lady or Coffee Lover?! If you love coffee, this is for you!

Ladies, let's get real... coffee can be a must have for some of us Single Moms... even an escape for most.

There is nothing like getting in the car after I drop the kids off to school and reaching over for that first sip of coffee that I made myself as a treat for accomplishing my morning routine of getting everyone off to school and work safely. Yes, this includes myself! And, if I have forgotten my coffee, watch out, because I may not answer anyone's snarky questions as politely as I should (or would like to). Now, don't talk to me about coffee addiction and how bad it is for me. I appreciate the love but... duh, I already know this and there are way bigger world problems for us to solve, ya know?!

Not only is coffee my jam but I like options. I don't want to drink the same freaking drink every day. I enjoy lattes (hot & iced), frappuccinos, plain coffee, etc. What I don't love is the actual cost of a Starbucks (or any other storefront brand) drink and it is just not possible for me to wrap my head around this daily habit now that I have children. Originally, I thought I was super smart and cool (and I by resorting to coffee with cream and sugar at home. I mean this is way cheaper than store front coffee... but guess what?

My coffee life gets even better! I found this beautiful addition to our family that allows for more than just coffee every day. Now I get to have what the freak kind of coffee I want for the amazing price of about $1! And this ladies, makes my heart jump for joy! So please save yourself some money and magnetize your dollars by buying one of these at this amazing low price. You deserve to gift yourself and save your money for that special something you are saving up for. Plus now you can serve up whatever kind of coffee you want to yourself.

You can bet you deserve that Amazing Mom!

P.S. I am an affiliate for this product.

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